Our guide to kitchen style ideas

At Masterclass Kitchens, our priority is putting choice at the heart of everything we do. We want your space to be truly personal to your needs, which is why we offer such a varied range of luxury kitchen styles. From classic to ultra-modern, let us talk you through our kitchen style ideas.

  1. The Classic Look
  2. The Modern Look
Kitchen style ideas - Classic

The classic kitchen look

Pair traditional shaker cabinets with unique design features in your kitchen for a truly timeless design. Our classic kitchens ooze character and are a great way of achieving that quintessentially British feel in your home. 

Storage solutions for the Classic Look

A classic kitchen pantry
A kitchen pantry

The Hathaway kitchen pantry is an essential storage feature in any classic kitchen. It makes storage stylish and provides endless possibilities in terms of shape and size. 

A classic corner pantry
A corner pantry

The Lansbury is a classic kitchen corner pantry - but with a twist. It will help to get the most out of awkward corner spaces in your classic kitchen that are notoriously difficult to make use of. 

A classic kitchen larder unit
The Spacetower

The SPACETOWER larder unit makes everyday kitchen use easier with its ample storage space and easy access. Include warm wooden drawers to perfectly complement the classic look of your kitchen.  

A classic kitchen drinks and cocktail cabinet
A beautiful drinks cabinet

The Connery is a truly stand-out drinks cabinet that will bring elegance to every cocktail evening you host. Its sense of glamour makes it perfect for entertaining guests in your new classic kitchen.

An integrated waste bin in a classic kitchen
An integrated bin

The VELABIN, our integrated kitchen bin, is available in a wide range of sizes. It features an efficient carbon bio filter lid that blocks any unwanted scents from escaping into your classic kitchen. 

Design Features for the Classic Look

Wine drawers
Wine drawers

With our Wine Drawers, you can add sophistication and elegance to your classic kitchen. They instantly demand attention and offer beautiful detail to your kitchen design.

Crate drawers
Crate drawers

Our Crate Drawers are a stylish storage idea designed to work seamlessly in classic kitchen designs. Available in warming Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut, these stunning drawers are perfect for getting the bespoke look.

A freestanding kitchen island
Freestanding island

A Freestanding Island or a Table Island lends itself perfectly to a classic kitchen. Create a stylish place to sit and enjoy a morning coffee or socialise with family and friends in the centre of your classic space.  

The modern kitchen look

If you dream of a crisp and streamlined kitchen design, then our modern kitchen collection is the perfect fit for you. With their clean lines and beautiful flat slab doors, modern kitchens are a great way of adding luxury to your home. If you want to truly make a statement in your home, you can also opt for the luxurious feel and simplicity of our handlessless kitchen collection.

Storage solutions for the Modern Look

A modern pull out larder
A pull out larder

MAGNASPACE is the clever alternative to out-dated, flimsy wirework pull-out systems. Its sophisticated internal structure ensures that it will blend in seamlessly with your modern or handleless kitchen. 

Wide kitchen drawers and cabinets
Wide drawers & cabinets

Our LINEA and LINEAPLUS drawers are the widest, deepest drawers and cabinets on the market. Integrate them into your modern or handleless kitchen for a stunning, streamlined design. 

A modern integrated kitchen bin
Integrated kitchen bin

The VELABIN, our integrated kitchen bin, is available in a wide range of sizes. It features an efficient carbon bio filter lid that blocks any unwanted scents from escaping into your modern or handleless kitchen. 

Design Features for the Modern Look

Modern kitchen open shelving
Open shelving

Open Shelving is a great feature to opt for in your modern or handleless kitchen because it helps to showcase the clean lines of your kitchen style. Add a splash of personality and warmth to your modern or handleless kitchen by displaying your favourite books and knick-knacks on your open shelving.

Modern kitchen drawers
Legrabox R Design drawers

Our LEGRABOX R DESIGN modern drawers are finished in brushed stainless steel. Internally, they feature our textured Anthracite Linen finish. They come in 9 width options, hold up to 70kg and showcase smooth Blum technology. Their appearance is just as sleek externally, making them the perfect fit for a modern or handleless kitchen.

A modern kitchen with metallic accents
Metallic features

Our Metallic Feature Splashbacks are a great way of adding a touch of glamour to your modern or handleless kitchen. Choose from our 5 varied finishes and achieve a truly bespoke look by matching your handle rails and plinths to your splashback. 

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