Shaker Kitchens

Versatile, simple and timeless. There’s no wonder that the shaker-style kitchen  has stood the test of time. 

This popular kitchen style is available in a beautiful selection of colours and finishes, so you’re bound to find a design you’ll love. The large choice of colour palettes combined with the expertise of our retailers means you can tailor the final design to your needs. Choose a more traditional or modern shaker kitchen layout that suits the look and feel of your home.

What is a shaker kitchen?

The shaker kitchen design marries a timeless blueprint with a modern flourish. 

What is a shaker kitchen?

When someone pictures a shaker kitchen, they'll either envision a minimalist design with smooth, painted finishes, or a more traditional look with grained finishes and features such as a mantle, or a torus plinth.

Shaker kitchen in muted colours

Colours can either be muted, ranging from heritage grey to olive green, or with dark tones, more dramatic tones such as Graphite or Moonlight Blue.

Shaker kitchen storage

You can put your stamp on a shaker kitchen design through the cabinet and kitchen storage options . Opt for a SpaceTower pantry in our Portland Oak finish for plenty of easily accessible and stylish space.

The units and cupboards of a shaker kitchen are characterised by flat centre panels with no cluttered details. Simplicity is everything.

The history of Shaker Kitchens

The shaker style dates back to the 1800s and is associated with a religious group called the Shakers. Minimalism was at the heart of everything they did and this was reflected in their surroundings. This is how the shaker style kitchen was born. While shaker kitchens draw from traditional and functional design, they can be adapted seamlessly into modern kitchens.

Inspiration for your shaker kitchen

Need inspiration for your shaker kitchen? 

Looking for shaker kitchen design ideas? You can request a free brochure or magazine to browse expert advice and inspiring imagery that will help you start your shaker kitchen journey.

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Shaker kitchen ideas

If you need an initial boost of inspiration to get the ball rolling, you can browse our shaker kitchen designs below. From natural oak shaker units to Tuscan walnut cabinets, there's plenty to be inspired by.

Grey shaker kitchen

Grey shaker kitchen

Our Marlborough range, pictured here in Light Grey and Dust Grey, is the ultimate in grey shaker design.

Blue shaker kitchen

Blue shaker kitchen

Our Oxford Blue painted colour matches perfectly with the warm neutral tones of Farringdon Grey. Seen here in our Hardwick range.

Green shaker kitchen

Green shaker kitchen

Looking for a stylish green shaker kitchen? Look no further than our Hardwick range in New Forest.

Oak shaker kitchen

Oak shaker kitchen

Looking for a traditional oak shaker? Look no further than our Solva range in Natural Oak, seen here paired with Farringdon Grey.

Modern shaker kitchen

Modern shaker kitchen

Our Padstow range, with it's smooth finish, slim frame and contemporary colours, is the perfect choice for a modern shaker look.

Real shaker kitchens

Explore our shaker kitchen designs in homes all over the UK.

Ashbourne Highland Stone and Oxford Blue20/09/2023

Designed and installed by Moulton Kitchens

Hardwick Heritage Grey11092023

Designed and installed by Chilli Kitchens

Hardwick Sage Green23082023

Designed and installed by neat kitchens

Hardwick Stone Grey21082023

Designed and installed by Home Sweet Home

Hardwick Olive with Tuscan Walnut 17082023

Designed and installed by Moulton Kitchens

Hardwick Hunter Green15082023

Designed and installed by Et Lorem

Marlborough Scots Grey11082023

Designed and installed by Frank Anthony Kitchens

Padstow Farringdon Grey11082023

Designed and installed by The Kitchen Store

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Why choose Masterclass Kitchens for your shaker kitchen?

We place exquisite design and expert craftsmanship at the heart of all our shaker kitchen designs. This means we can provide you with the bespoke shaker kitchen you've always dreamed of while knowing that due care and attention has been paid during the manufacturing process.

We're an award-winning company with almost five decades of expertise behind us, linking back to our humble beginnings manufacturing kitchens for family and friends.

On top of this, we work hard to ensure our impact on the planet is minimal by using sustainably sourced resources and clever technology so that we can work as efficiently as possible. Our network of specialist kitchen retailers share our values and expectations when it comes to kitchen manufacturing and taking pride in the craft. 

We're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot and have plenty of reviews on our website should you want further insight. To give you even more confidence, we provide a comprehensive warranty too.

Get our free brochures and magazines and head down to your nearest showroom to see our shaker style kitchens in person. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Shaker kitchen FAQs

The final quote for your shaker kitchen will depend on several factors, as with any fitted kitchen . Everything from the cabinetry to the storage features and even the handles you choose will come into play. Materials and finishes can influence the end price too. Solid wood, for example, will greatly vary from laminate worktops .

To help you with your initial cost estimations, we can tell you that prices start from £12,000. Speaking with your kitchen retailer will mean you can receive a more accurate figure based on your shaker kitchen design choices . Regardless, our quality craftsmanship will mean you get a seamless finish and a high-end look you can be proud of.

Your journey to getting a shaker kitchen with Masterclass Kitchens is simple. There are six steps involved:

  1. Find your local showroom
  2. Create your Wish List
  3. We'll measure your space
  4. We'll create your bespoke 3D shaker kitchen design
  5. We will present you with your 3D shaker kitchen design and quote
  6. We'll make your kitchen

We have several Masterclass Kitchens showrooms you can visit, each fitted with setups that will mean you can see and feel the craftsmanship in person.

It's here you will meet the experts who will draw up your bespoke, 3D shaker kitchen design. You can also discuss budget and style preferences to help bring your ideal shaker kitchen to life before receiving a quote.

The units and cupboards of a shaker kitchen are characterised by flat centre panels with no cluttered details. Simplicity is everything.