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Granite worktops

Granite worktops

Granite worktops make for a very resilient option. They aren’t any trouble to clean and are also resistant to heat. They tend to complement our classic style kitchens very well, and are a dependable option for busy families who rely on robust worktops.

Are granite worktops right for you?

Whilst a great option for families with a demanding lifestyle, granite worktops are often considered to be quite an expensive option. If you have a strict budget, they may not be quite the right choice for you – instead you could get the granite look with our luxury laminate worktops.

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops are similar to granite worktops, in that they’re extremely robust and easily wiped over. When paired with a kitchen from our modern or handleless collection, they can help to achieve a really luxurious look in your kitchen. 

Are Quartz worktops right for you?

The cost of a quartz worktop is what prevents many from being able to choose them. They’re a great option if you’re financially comfortable, but their substantial price tag makes them unsuitable for many, so our laminate worktops may be a better option.

solid wood worktops

Solid wood worktops

Solid wood worktops are available in a wide range of grains and colours and are well known for aging well when treated with care. They can bring a real sense of warmth to a modern kitchen design, or enhance the cosiness of a traditional shaker kitchen. 

Are solid wood worktops right for you?

The main drawback of wood worktops is the care required to maintain their beautiful appearance. They need to be treated very carefully because they’re not resistant to scratches and marks. Wood worktops would be most at home in a relaxed kitchen, therefore our lifelike wood-effect laminate worktops may be a better option for busier households.

Laminate worktops

No matter what your kitchen style, you'll be able to find the perfect worktop for your space from our new laminate worktop collection. Available in a selection of life-like stone and wood finishes, our laminate worktops help those on a budget to attain an expensive, luxury look – without the usual price tag. 

Are laminate worktops right for you?

Their quality appearance is extremely easy to preserve. Their hardwearing exterior and scratch-resistant surfaces make them the perfect option for all kinds of families and lifestyles. Classic, modern and handleless kitchens can all be blended seamlessly with a laminate worktop.

How to use our luxury laminate worktops

What’s different about our range of laminate worktops is the level of fluidity they can achieve within your kitchen. Include the same laminate material throughout your kitchen for features such as open shelving, splashbacks, gables and upstands. Additionally, choose to match your worktops with the same finish of door for a truly bespoke look.

By mixing and matching different elements together in this way, you’ll create a unified kitchen design that exudes luxury. This design flexibility makes our laminate worktops the perfect option for families who don’t want to sacrifice the bespoke, luxury look but are on a budget.

Try pairing our Farmouse Oak laminate worktops and open shelving with your Sutton Burnt Umber kitchen furniture. The warming tone of the wood effect worktops and open shelving will help to bring some rustic charm to your crisp, ultra-modern kitchen. Finally, set this chic contrast off nicely with a Metalix Bronze splashback.

Choose our Arctic Frost laminate worktops and splashback for your Hatfield Inkwell and Highland Stone kitchen. The light and textured appearance of the laminate material enhances the luxurious blue shade of the shaker cabinets.

Our Carrara Marble laminate worktops create a stand out feature when also used with the matching door, add in Sutton Heather Slate for a real statement kitchen design. The marble effect worktops make this sophisticated combination look even more elegant. Include a Metalix Brass splashback for a final touch of glamour. 

Opt for our Midnight Pietra worktops and gables in a Marlborough Hunter Green kitchen with Tuscan Walnut cabinets. By daring to go dark, you’ll instantly achieve a rich and dramatic look. Add in a luxury Metalix Brass splashback to create a really striking contrast within your dark kitchen.

Our new Earth Stone laminate worktops and upstands work really well in a Ligna Florence Oak and Sutton New Forest kitchen. The three natural tones blend together to create a space with an earthy, textured feel. Sticking with the natural theme, opt for a Metalix Copper splashback to tie it all together.

Make a statement with our Levante Marble worktops and open shelving in a Hardwick Wisteria and Lava kitchen. The elegant white laminate material will really stand out against the dark shaker kitchen, whilst the soft purple cabinets will add a welcome touch of femininity to the space. 

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